About Me

I am a first time/new mommy to a beautiful baby girl born in October 2009. My husband and I recently separated, so most of the meals I cook are for 1 or 2.

I'm not a big fan of leftovers, but its a necessary evil, I know!  If you have any meals for 1 or 2 that you LOVE, please let me know :)  I'd love to try them.  I hate making a big pot of...whatever...only to have most of it go into the fridge to be forgotten.

Although my Granny taught my mom and I how to be strong, independent women, she never really taught either one of us how to cook.  She was a single mom in a time where that was largely unheard of.  She had to work several jobs to make ends meet and my mom had to fend for herself at home from the time she was a preteen.  My mom cooks from a box (Hamburger Helper, etc) and I can do that too...but I wanted to try to branch out a bit and actually make some "grown up" food.

I enjoy camping (real camping...in the woods in a tent... not in a camper in a campground), running, swimming, reading, taking photos and editing them, and just hanging out with friends and family.  Honestly, I don't LOVE cooking...but I'm trying!

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