Here are some other cooking-type blogs that I read:  OK, so I don't read this one so much as I write it, and it isn't so much about cooking as it is about my life...  HYSTERICAL!  Ever seen a cake and wondered what the baker was thinking?  Yeah, Jen has too...  These gals are WAY to put-together!  Everything from cooking to cleaning to family stuff, and of course prepping for the zombie apocalypse...  Oh if only I could clean and organize like her!  She has "Menu Plan Monday" where everyone shares what they are making for the week.  Get some great recipe ideas there...  She runs, she eats!  Hey... That sounds like me! :) My favorite saying "I run so I can eat more"  haha...

Eat At Home  Tiffany shares many delicious recipes and printable meal plans (complete with shopping list!) each week.

Have a cooking blog I should check out?  Leave a link to it in a comment here :)

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